1 Course £8.95  2 Course £10.95


Todays Soup Bowl

Deep fried Black Pudding.

Coated in a bacon panko breadcrumb,

Served with a sweet tomato jam

Crispy Potato Skins. ( V )

Served with a garlic Dip

Cheesy Nachos. ( V )

Crispy nachos coated in a delicious Cheese Sauce

and fresh Salsa

Breaded Mushrooms ( V )

Panko breaded Mushrooms sat on a bed of salad Leaves

Served with a Sweet Chilli mayo

Prawn Cocktail

Crunchy Iceberg Lettuce with succulent Prawns,

Topped with a Cocktail Dressing

Served with Brown Bread Fingers

Sunday Lunch

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

Chicken breast and stuffing.

Hand carved ham.

Pork Loin and stuffing.

Mince and dumplings.

All served with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Ask staff for details of vegetarian and fish options.